Friday, April 16, 2010

Stockings, Pantyhose, Tights or Bare?

Arn't we spoiled for choice these days.  We have stockings that come in: lace top, stay up's, fish nets, back seams, cuban heel, plain nylons and not to mention all the colours. Then there are the pantyhose range that comes in all thicknesses, shapes, lengths, some for medical reasons, varicous veins. There are pantyhose in patterns, all types of colours, some for flatter tummies or sexier legs and not to mention all the tights that are available.

So with all this choice what is the right one to wear?

There are a few basic rules that I follow.

  1. Never wear hosiery with sandals or open toe shoes. YUK! this reminds me of some fashion deprived old school teacher. Just don't do it. The exception: If you have a very shear hosiery you may get away with a peep toe heel, However try a back seamed nylon to take the focus away from the toe.
  2. Never wear high waisted panty hose with low waist cut garment. again YUK! Can you imagine that, walking around with your hoisery sticking out the top of your pants or skirt.
  3. If you are going for sex appeal stick with stockings not pantyhose. No potential lover or partner wants to see your knickers all bunched up underneath. It just isn't sexy. Plus its something about the stockings and garter belts that drive men crazy. Just remember to pair it off with a pair of sexy heels.
  4. Don't wear shoes lighter than the colour of your nylons. What a tradgic look, dark nylons with beige shoes, it just doesn't work.
  5. Too many patterns is a No No. If your garments have a lot of patterns in them wear a plain pair of hoisery or a patterned nylon with a plain garment. But if you are going to wear patterned nylon's keep your shoes plain too.
  6. Fishnets to work, This is just a don't!. It looks trashy, not sexy in the office. You may get away with a very tight fishnet.
  7. Finally consider pantyhose to stockings at the office. You don't what to be pulling at, or re-attaching your stockings durring an important meeting with the boss.

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  1. I think Pantyhose are really sexy!! Esp. with open toed shoes. (nude or tan Pantyhose that is)as long as you have nice feet with painted toes. there is nothing more sexier in my eyes. And if you wearing them under jeans, I don't mind seeing them stick out the top a little bit.. love the visual...just my opinion.