Saturday, April 17, 2010

Product Review: Loreal Excellence Creme

Product Review:

Loreal Excellence Creme
Colour: Black 1

After years of being a brunette I decided to go back to black (pardon the Amy Winehouse pun) I've used a lot of colourants and none of them I was truelly 100% happy with. I've used Loreal before, but not the Excellence Creme range. I had heard a lot of good things about it by others so I gave it a go.

What they state & What I thought:
  • It covers 100% greys - I have a family history of greying young, so this was important to me, I dont have a lot of grey, but in my late 20's ive got enough to bother me and want to cover it up. Did it cover the greys, YES it did & quite easily too. I was very impressed.
  • The protective serum cares for damaged parts of the hair - It came with a cute little tube of fabulous smelling serum that you apply to your lengths and ends before colouring. Did it work? well it seemed to. The ends of my hair feel like just after its been cut, all soft and smooth. Jusst like a trip to the hairdressers.
  • Creme colourant is easly to apply - Yes it was. It came with 2 applicator tips, a thin nozzle and a combe tip. The nozzle was great for the roots & then appling the colourant to the lenghts with the combe applicator made it a breeze. There was absolutly no drips. I didnt cover my shirt durring colouring and I had absolutly no colour on my clothing or anywhere else in the bathroom for that matter.
Other Points:
  • The smell was actually quite pleasent, it didn't over power you like some colourants do as soon as you open the bottle. Even after colouring my hair didnt have that 'just coloured' smell.
  • Being Black it did stain the skin a little but came off very easily with a light shampoo. Now you can't even tell I coloured my hair this morning.
  • The colour is rich and glossy. Im very impressed with the shine. There is no muddiness at all.
  • The colour actually matched the packet.
  • There was plenty of colourant in there to cover all my hair, which is just above my shoulders. If you have longer hair you will probably need 2 bottles just to be sure

The Score (out of 5)
Colour : 5
Ease of Use: 5
Cover Greys: 5
Smell: 4

Please note:
The opinion expressed here is purely my own. I have not been paid for this review, nor am I affiliated with the Brand. I purchased the product with my own money on my own free will. Sad.. but I had to add this.

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