Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Makeup – Doing it on a budget

So you don’t have a lot of cash to throw around. Well neither did our Vintage Diva’s. Think about it 40’s -50’s the world was at war, there wasn’t a lot of money. They had to make do with what they had. So what do you need to re-create that Vintage Diva look? For the basics you’ll need foundation or a base, a neutral Eye shadow, Black Eyeliner, Blush and red lip stick. Of course you can elaborate on this

·         Foundation – Use what ever you’re accustomed to, Women of the days used pressed powder (hence women saying I’ll just powder my nose)so if you are after a more authentic look perhaps going for a matte finish or even use a translucent powder on top. You don’t want too much of a shine.

·         Eye shadow – you want to keep the eyes light or as neutral as possible so find one that matches your colouring. I use Revlon Colourstay makeup 12 hour eye shadow – 02 Coffee bean, it’s a compact with 4 shades in it from a pale neutral tone to a dark brown, this one has a slight shimmer but mostly a matte finish, for more of a shimmer try Revlon 14 Nude Elements – But any brand will work. The only reason I am using the Revlon one is (and since we are talking about doing it on a budget) Revlon have promo’s every so often if you spend more than, it think its about $39.00 then you get a make up case with usually an eye shadow compact, blush, mascara, lip stick, nail polish and a sample size foundation, it varies each time. Since the Foundation cost about that much you get the rest for nothing – Bargain. You can also register your email on the Revlon website and they will tell you when its “gift time”. Now where was I? Ohh yes. If you’re using a shimmery eye shadow keep it to evening events and matte for day time. Cover the eye lid right up to the brow bone in the neutral colour. Use a soft brush or a fluffy brush. I use Ecotools – eye shadow brush (sorry it doesn’t have a number)

·         Depending on how dramatic a look you want you can use either a Pencil, Liquid or gel liner – what ever you are comfortable with. I’ve been using (and again its because it came with a buy it get something else free deal (you just got to love free things) for a liquid liner Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid liner in Black. I’ve also used Rimmels Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil – Black or Revlon’s black line, it has the smudging tool on the end. Draw a line on the top starting from mid eye and take it out to the end of the eye. Then kick it out to the side just a bit. For a more 40’s look keep the line thin with just a slight kick, 50’s thicken the liner above the eye a little but keep the kick thinner and stretch that kick out a little more, for a 60’s look thicken the liner up to marry with the top of the kick (see diagram).

·         False eye lashes were big with the movie stars. There is a huge variety of false lashes out there. Find ones that you feel comfortable wearing. Or if you don’t want to where false ones, opt for mascara that gives you thickness and more definition. Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express – Glam Black, Rimmel Glam Eyes 001 Black or Revlon Lash Fantasy Total Definition Blackest black – this one has a primer that goes on white and then the black mascara that goes on over the top. Coat the top lashes only

·         Use something with more of a slight rose’s vintage pink tone to it, but nothing to strong. I use Revlon 05 Berry Rich, Revlon 004 Barely Buff, L’Oreal Glam Rose’ Blush Duo. Take a big soft brush, tap off the excess and in a line bring it down towards the corner of your mouth and blend in any lines.

·         And of what Vintage Diva is without the trademark red lips. There are a few different products that I like to use; it’s really hard to find a really good red. Now firstly I line the lips to stop bleeding, this is up to you it you want to line the lips. I use Rimmel Exaggerate Full colour lip liner definer 024 Diva red (only because it was a buy 1 get 2 free deal with Rimmel) use what ever brand you are comfortable with. For the lips I use a lipstick and a gloss. If I'm after a more casual look I use a gloss, Rimmel Volume Booster lip plumping gloss 054 Allure. This one plumps up your lips. You will need to have clean lips before using this product. It will also give you a bit of a tingle for a while, but nothing uncomfortable. You can feel it plump your lips; basically it feels like your pouting a bit. It has a brush applicator and has a bit of shimmer to it. Now I use two different reds, Revlon Colourstay 345 Red Velvet. It’s a more bluey red. I really like this colour. If I want to vamp it up a little more for evening, I apply the Rimmel gloss over the top. I also use Revlon Living Lipstick Rich Raisin Frost 741 its more of a darker red wine red, it has a smell that reminds me of my grandmothers make up. This was a free One in Revlon’s “gift time’ bag.

You really don’t need to be going out buying loads of expensive make up. With the above basic pieces you can create your look. Watch out for sales and deals. My make up bag is over flowing and the only thing I’ve paid for is Foundation and the odd Nail polish or Mascara, the rest all came with the purchase. David Jones & Priceline are great places for deals. If you were more expensive make up Estee’ Lauder and a few of the other Brands usually have a gift time as well. If you spend so much in one transaction you get there gift pack free. It’s worth a look.

Eyeliner Diagram:

For a 1940's look keep the liner simple

Bring it into the 50's with more of a kick

And glam it up with a retro 60's look

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