Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carnivals and Regional Shows of times gone by

In light of the Newcastle show coming up I thought it would be nice to focus of the wonderful carnivals of times gone by. Imagine that nostalgic feeling of an old fashioned carnival. As you entered the grounds gates you are greeted with a huge colourful balloon arch and the festive feel of balloons clustered around the grounds. Filled with entertainment of carnival games, circus clowns, a brass brand, and what carnival would be with out carnival food. This all set the stage for an afternoon of family fun.

Can you imagine the entire area is alive with colour and entertainment, fixed attractions, gaming and strolling attractions.
Did you know the first Newcastle show was held on May 19th 1902 and only paused to run during WW1 and WW2 because the grounds where used for Military reasons.

Now, how to get the perfect vintage look to wear to the show.
  1. 1.       Grab a cotton collared shirt and tie at the waist, roll up the sleeves
  2. 2.       A pair of Dungarees (that’s jeans to us) remember to keep them dark. Acid wash look didn’t come in until the 80’s, preferably a high waisted set and roll up the bottoms to mid calf. Belly buttons were not shown in the 50’s. If you don’t want to wear Dungarees,  a cotton high waisted pant that comes just bellow the knee
  3. 3.       A cute pair of matching ballet flats
  4. 4.       Make up – Keep the face simple. Follow my previous blog for make up instruction, but instead of red lips try a soft pink lip gloss.
  5. 5.       Large hooped earings - Optional
  6. 6.       Pile your curls on top of your head and pin, grab a scarf or bandana. Tie around your head so the bows on top and pin in place or pull your hair back into a pony tail and circle around a pretty chiffon scarf.
  7. Women did not usually go about dressed casually often. The 50’s were more a formal time. Outfits such as the one above were suited to picnics and BBQ’s, Teens and Girls however had a bit more latitude and Dungarees were worn by young women, rather than the mature lady.

You can find out more about the history of the Newcastle show and its current events here

Newcastle Show Ground 1930

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